translation : mouvements - lumieres (2007)

Appearing and disappearing in the dark, the obscurity.

Light permits us to see, to distinguish and to discern objects, places, landscapes and beings that surround us: What does it illuminate in us ? Can I illuminate thoughts? Presences ? What does it mean to be in the light? Is being in the dark necessary? To warm ourselves, we approach hot and luminous sources…Does a warm body give out light? It has been said that crazy people are lit up, are the rest turned off ?

I want to put into play different ways of lighting a place, a body, a space of matter/material by the fabrication and transformation of everyday objects and luminous objects of daily life. Inventing dances, in grasping their organic rhythm, transmitting what I think is most precious that I have, by these compositions and beyond these forms, bringing to light thoughts, points of view, life experiences. Revealing a real landscape heavy with meaning, invasive, attractive and repulsive at once, transforming this polluting matter, finding issues.

In Movements – Lights, Sophiatou Kossoko explores with the help of luminous objects of daily life the possibilities and the limits of light, of darkness as scenic and symbolic material/matte and in relation to our environment. Two individuals sharing the same territory appear and disappear in the dark, the shadow, the light. If the light permits us to see, to distinguish objects and spaces surrounding us, what does it illuminate in us ?

Conception : Sophiatou Kossoko
Performers : Rafael Linares, Sophiatou Kossoko
Sound composition : Régis Hamelin
Music : Jimi Hendrix: South Saturn delta - Kitschen: joker
Photos : Anne Barthelemy
Vidéo: Anne Barthélemy, Fabrice Oussou
Costumes : Patricio Luengo Rodrigue
Techniques : Jean-Pierre Gazeau
Length : 60 minutes

Production IGI - Coproduction CCN de Tours direction Bernardo Montet - Centre national de la Danse - Pantin (creation in residence) - DRAC centre- and the support of the bourse Beaumarchais and of l’Association comme vous émoi - Conseil Général de Seine-Saint Denis in the framerwork of the project IN SITU artist in residence at the college.


Parcours d’Afrique, Le Vivat - Armentières

Transchorégraphiques CCNT - Tours
Festival Danses aux coeur - Chartres